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Archive CD for playing Red Alert Today


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I discovered the modern installer doesn't work too good anymore due to Red Alert changing video resolutions to a mode no longer supported by hardware.

I went wild and gathered up most of the stuff from https://cnc-comm.com/red-alert/ and the patches from ra.afraid.org and produced a 49MB ISO file containing what you would need to play Red Alert today.

This CD image does not contain the game. It does not contain Windows. It contains patches to the game, patches to Windows 95, and general resources of things to solve problems that one is likely to encounter. Including: I tracked down the Windows 95 CPU and Memory patches; and an unzip program that still works on Windows 95. Rather than using an old one, I used a modern one, so that you get the security bugfixes that have been needed since.


You will need:

DOSBOX-X https://dosbox-x.com/

Windows 95 CD or ISO

Red Alert CD or ISO

This CD (or do all the hunting yourself)

Feedback welcome.

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