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Reconnection error - anything I can do?


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We are both running RA2 YR from full installations from TFD with the same CNCNet client. Both are gaming laptops running Windows 10. We are playing together using LAN.

We played the same standard map "Siberian Wastes" (i.e. not home-made or fan-made) twice, and each time once we got further ahead in the map (us against 6 Brutal AI opponents), the game lost connection.

Our router is a powerful gaming router by TP-Link, and we are both running on the same 5GHz WiFi.

Is there anything in the attached log files that might help? I attached the files from both laptops.

I've had this issue before and was advised to not use any non-standard patches, so I uninstalled everything, re-installed from the DVDs, did NOT install any further patches, and installed the newest CNCNet client.



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