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Troubleshooting - First Launch


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This posts attempts to outline some common issues when attempting to launch the client for the first time. This post will be updated as necessary.

Latest version of the client installer: 

Common issues:

  • Unable to launch client. It crashes immediately. This most often occurs due to a conflict with your graphics card. 
    • Your graphics card resolution is too large for the client/renderer to handle properly. By opening the crash log file mentioned in the error message, you may see a line similar to: InitGraphicsMode: 5120x1440 where the resolution specified is very large. To resolve this, you can try to edit your ra2md.ini file in the installation path of your client and add (or edit) the following properties to it:
    • If you are still receiving the same error even after making the resolution change above, you may need to change the renderer. Editing the same ra2md.ini file, try one of the following two additions/edits:



  • Receiving a message in the client lobby: "Cannot join #cncnet chat channel. You are banned."
    This is a false warning/error and does not actually mean anything. Furthermore, if you are seeing this message when in the Yuri's Revenge chat channel of the client, you are on an older version of the client and should update as soon as possible.
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