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Error launching game (gamemd-spawn.exe)


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I just installed the CnCNet Client to run RA2 on my Windows 10 rig. The game was installed using Origin and it launches fine by itself.

If I use the CnCNet Client and want to run a simple skirmish it tells me:

"Error launching gamemd-spawn.exe. Please check that your anti-virus isn't blocking the CnCNet Client. You can also try to run the client as administrator. You are unable to participate in this match. Returned error: The system cannot locate the file"

Things I tried so far:

- Running as Admin

- Running compatibility mode

- Reinstalled Game and CnCNet Client in a different location

The strange thing is that I can't find the gamemd-spawn.exe anywhere. The file just doesn't exist in my install path. I guess that's the problem?

Any idea how to fix it?







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