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A Guide To Engineer Defense / Offence and Defeating player "Mike Pence".


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To anyone that's interested, add additional tips on how to defend engineers, offend with them, or defeat Mike Pence's play style.  

I recently smashed him like a small Kinder Egg, and I also made the toy, it was a large Rocket ship that travels into space. The rocket reads "made in the USA".


1) He bluffs on troop offence, because he goes one refinery, he cant really afford to defend a continuous troop  offence, you can end him immediately if you merely do this and bleed his cash dry.   (pick maps that allow easy troop access he will try to choose ones that make troop use difficult) 

2) If you go 3-4 refineries and 1-2 helicopters with nod and troop pressure/scouts you can snipe his engineer before it even gets into the APC

3) If you go one refinery you can build a bike immediately and send it as his base to kill the APC on the way back to your base, you should have enough time to do this.  

4) The top of the buildings are easiest to capture so have a sand bag, a turret your buggies etc by the top as a default position

5) Be mindful that he will target a loaded refinery if its hard to get to your conyard / airfield so you know roughly when the APC will come so then you can stop a load up in advance if you need to.

6) Its much better to sell the conyard than let him capture it so if in doubt sell early then you have loads of cash to make a counter all in attack. 

7) You can jam the game speed to slow when you know his APC is on the way that way it will give you extra time to calm down, infuriate him, and give you extra reaction time, he will also have to try to change game speed back mid APC rush which will make it more likely to fail. 

8) He uses a griefers flame tank surprise, so these are easily countered by a plain tank, so you know its coming, so its easy to counter because of that (Pence specific)

9) To defend engineers with troops you need to use the scatter button repeatedly to avoid teh crush, and you need enough troops mix mini gunners and flame troops/naders

10) Be handy with the engineer rush yourself you never want pence to have an advantage in offence or build choice, you need to at least 70% the competency as he has at Engineer rushing 

11) You can also defend engineers with the selling of unimportant structures surrounding your important structures, at the right time


I have more tips but that will do for now. 



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