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Questions about cncnet/ts-patches


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16 hours ago, uzernaem said:

Hi everyone!

So I have found this thing:


Is that the same client that's being used with cncnet? What is the difference between the builds (TIBSUN, SINGLEPLAYER and TSCLIENT)?

And another question, is there any list of new SUN.INI options, so I may skip using tsconfig? Thank you!

Found this? It's an open source project being shared since Westwood made these games License free.

1. TIBSUN and SINGLEPLAYER is vanilla TS game including Campaign, music, in game movies which you remember back on days when playing TS on Wolapi or Xwis when they had latest patch 2.03.
1.1 TSCLIENT includes some new terrain, structures, units mostly from games like RA, RA2 etc and vise versa that are converted and used in cncnet.
2. There are some new hotkeys that are published in other Topics and also there is separate Client from cncnet on moddb where you can host your own mod, game, server for free not related in any way with cncnet (but you can see all the players on cncnet while using this Client in multiplayer).


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