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Beat three Brutal random CPU on Bay of Pigs :)


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So I only skirmish the CPU. I decided since Bay of Pigs has so many refineries it might be a good map to see  how many brutal CPU's I could beat. I took out two easy. I however got my butt handed to me over an over facing 3. So for me to win with America I could not have the top or bottom spot. It had to be one of the sides with narrow opening to base. I as well had to get lucky and get new tech with spies for both infantry and tanks. Once I got new tech the cpu calmed down hard. I then managed to steal money twice. I tell you, you must take over the airports soon as the game starts or you have no chance. Garrison the two buildings to block entrance in to your base with tanks and whatever defense you can build. It was really hard for me to manage everything all at once but I finally did it. I took over refineries on the edges where no base was. I actually built my barracks first before ore refinery so I could get engineers out faster to take over refineries and airport bases.

ra2 3 brutal.jpg

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