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I cant find my old maps on cncnet database


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So, today i wanted to play my old maps i made in 2021. (They are, or were in cncnet database.)

But, i accidentally deleted my map files in "Maps/Custom" or all maps in general, because i did a clean reinstall because i had an "Cheater" message issue again, and i copied all my maps into separate directory, but for some reason, when i checked today, the maps were not in the directory i copied it into. (I copied it into the origin games directory)


And when i searched up the database, it didnt find it, i noticed the "limit is 30 and only all maps are from past year"
Then i checked the list, which included 2021 and even 2022 maps, but not mine...
There were maps, even duplicates, but my maps are never there, 
Is there a way to see the list of maps in 2021, or are the maps completely removed?

I Dont think they are removed though, since yesterday i played two of those maps with random, who never played the map, but the map did not require to upload it into database.
Please help. 


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