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Q Move not working

Testi Coil

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Hi, I hold Q and left click but most of the clicks are ignored. If I click rapidly then after about 10 clicks, most of them work. Oddly, if I hold Alt and Q together then the clicks respond more than half of the time. Changing Game Speed has no effect on the issue. Has anyone heard of this problem before? I've searched everywhere and had to make an account specifically to try to fix this. Thanks for your help in advance.

Edit: what I meant specifically before by left clicking was tapping on my laptop's touchpad. Clicking the left button underneath the touchpad does exactly the same thing as tapping the touchpad in all instances except for when holding Q - where it does absolutely nothing, so it is even worse than the touchpad. I don't have a mouse to test with but my best guess is that the problem has to do with the touchpad.

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