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Thanks for helping make oldschool C&C work on modern systems and on Linux too!


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And there's a .rpm as well as a .deb 😮 That's fantastic! I haven't played Tiberian Sun for well over a decade. It was glorious hearing CABAL's condescending tone and underhanded snark in the mission briefings again. Seeing the beautiful green glow of the tiberium and the red glow of the NOD bases. Tiberian Sun really nailed the 2030's transforming into something alien atmosphere perfectly. I just finished that NOD mission where you frame GDI for attacking the mutants. I did the same thing I did 20 years ago, bred a bunch of Viceroids and let them loose, because for some reason they aren't hostile to me but are to everything else 🙂 Funtimes.

It all works. On Fedora 37, it's all working great just like it did in the 90's on Windows ME (I was pretty unlucky getting stuck with ME but hey ho).

So yeah, cheers for making it work again flawlessly, nice job! And thanks again for Linux support 😄

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