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Improving my gameplay


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 I've been playing Red Alert since it first came out, and for the past few years (8 years, maybe?), I've been on CnCNet. Despite trying multiple strategies, I've never made it past being an average-to-mildly-good player. A while ago, I read somewhere that screen resolution might impact my build speed marginally. (I generally try to keep my mouse hyper-busy, always adding units and buildings and being aware of the need for multiple MCVs, war factories, etc, to enhance build speed.) I use a fair-sized monitor and set it to a high resolution to increase my map view, but the good players outbuild me, sometimes at speeds I almost can't trust. The pros are insanely good when, after decades of playing, I can't lift my game. Are there cheats that are hard to uncover (auto mouse clickers?) etc? Where should I be looking to change my gameplay? (Usually, I play Ukraine on 'Gold Rush', but recently I've been choosing the ??? team.

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