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(SOLVED) Win7x64 - Ra95 - 005bf652 Crash :(


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Hey guys,

I'm a huge fan of CnC & RA and I wanted to try to play it online with my friends, but I'm unable to... I've disabled all compatibility settings, checked "Back buffer in Video Memory" and unchecked Allow hardware filled blits. Upon running RA95 I get the following error:



Application Error: D:\Downloads\Programs\MiniRA\ra95.exe


The instruction at 005bf652 referenced memory at 00000000

The memory could not be read from


Click on OK to terminate the application





I run it in a window and I can see that it renders the menu just fine, but I can't do anything else... Apparently cnc-ddraw isn't compatible with my setup... I run Windows 7 x64 Pro with a Nvidia GTX 580. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated :)


Thank you!








Thanks to iron__ and hifi on cncnet for their help, what was going on: I have an external audio interface (sound card) which runs through firewire,  so I figured out that shutting the audio interface off --- results in no sound, duh --- but also makes the game work haha.

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