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Vote Twisted Insurrection for Mod of the Year 2012!


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Twisted Insurrection is up for Nomination as Mod of the Year 2012. On the behalf of the team, I apology for not promoting this earlier. Voting for MotY has been going on for close to a month now, and only 7 days and a few hours remain of the countdown! Help us get to the Top 100, and from there - maybe even reach the title of




Here's a short recap of our past MotY success:

In 2009, Twisted Insurrection was nominated in the Top 100 Upcoming Mods.

In 2010, we released Public Beta 1, and Twisted Insurrection reached the Top 100 Released Mod Nominees.

In 2011, Twisted Insurrection was voted to the Top 100 Released Mods.


This year, we have released the long-awaited Public Beta 4, and while activity may seem to have slowed down since, we assure you that Twisted Insurrection has gone nowhere but forward! In addition, if you are a good boy/girl and help us reach the Top once more, expect a very merry Christmas present from us (as has been a tradition)!


Without further a-do, hurry up and go to this link, scroll down and vote!


Remember that you can vote for more than one Mod for Mod of the Year, released or not, so be sure to check out our affiliate pages as well!


Mental Omega, Project Phantom, Robot Storm, Dawn of the Tiberium Age and D-Day.

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