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My post to multiplayerforums



Mysteriously im not able to post at multiplayerforums.com...

i hope someone reads this post from there...

here we go:


Greeeeeetz guys!


I got a new pc last friday, it is a:



Vista Home Premium 32x

AMD Athlon 64x x2 Dual Core 5200+; 2.6 GHz


nVidia GeForce 8600 GS; ~1.2GB RAM


DVD RW dual; Double Layer

8x USB 2.0 ports

DVT connection


Today i installed APB again, without DX and without xFire.

I created my persona in the Launcher.exe, wanted to login to the Official APB Server (Play Online) and ...




I didnt get any Error messages or any other messages.... looks like APB wont start and the Launcher.exe closes itself...


Before i wanted to run the Launcher.exe via the created shortcut after the APB installation, i got an error message that the ...\Data\Launcher\..png is missing in the wolapi directory. so i simply copied the main ..\Data\Launcher folder (only the launcher folder!!) into the wolapi directory, created a blank Data directory there of course to put that copied Launcher folder in there... u know [...]


Launcher runs fine, but it just doesnt connect/run APB !!


an hour before, i downloaded APB from Black-Cell (i know them when i played Renegade a lot) and after the APB installation everything just the same like written above... i wasnt able to connect to the n00bstories' irc server but into all other irc servers; i wasnt able to connect to apathbeyond, multiplayerforums, game-maps, and some other sites !! google worked, my website worked .. bah! dont know, that really confused me...

Then i applied in my IRC client "Accept invalid SSL certificate" to the n00bstories' irc server and mysteriously that fixed everything...

im able to connect tto thier irc server again, to connect to the sites (written above) and okay [...] !!


uninstalled that version from black-cell, downloaded and installed the game-maps version... and ... nothing, as written above (after my described pc) .


Any help/ideas?!


btw: i dont believe to destinies (!!) but i think someone is against me that i cannot play APB on my new Personal Computer to own ya :P

And lol!!! If u read this i was able to post this message after 20+ attempts ...






I am not able to see my APB SCORES BANNER anymore ...




i disconnted again from the n00bstories' irc server, wanted to reconnect again and get this fucking error message from my irc client again... like after i installed APB from black-cell !!

Im wondering why i can connect to cnc-comm.com, earlier i wasnt able to connect onto here after my 1st APB installation !!

I get this error message from my IRC client when i try to reconnect there:

* Looking up home.n00bstories.com

* Unknown host. Maybe you misspelled it?[/color:3jvgd9c8]


A BUG?!?!?!?!?!

I uninstall APB again... ;_(

[my favourite game *snief*]



I uninstalled APB - restarted my pc -> now im able to connect to the n00bstories' irc server again...

thats really a piece of shit

And im able to post to the apb and multiplayerforums again

also my apb scores banner

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