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few questions about RA1



Hi there,


First off, really like the patch! it fixed all the weird colours :) but i just had a couple of questions.


1) I'm up to mission 5 for the soviets but I've noticed that it doesn't seem to play the briefing cinematic's? It just appears as text? I've only seen the briefing cinematic for the first level. After that it's been text based


2) Is there a way to increase the resolution size?



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Sounds like you have an older community RA1 build I would get the version at http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/ The older RAs lacked the video to save space since all community builds are more aimed at online play.


Head on over to http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/ and eveything. The Red Alert Config tool will let you change resolution.  The resolution change will not work on menus but when you start the mission the resolution will change.

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