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Proper use of, Dropships. [TS]


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I've noticed that there are alot of people who are using single-player maps, that're having problems with dropships in-game (Not the dropship loadout, but say getting reinforcements from off the map using a dropship trigger). Here is how you do it:


Set the taskforce (Make sure the Dropship is first in the list)


1 Dropship

2 Titans

2 Wolverines


Then set the event (Most important part for a dropship trigger)


1 Move to waypoint XX (This will be the waypoint where the dropship enters the map)

2 Unload (Select the option that says keep transport, loose units)

3 Move to waypoint XX (This will be the waypoint where the dropship leaves the map)


Then create the new team type.


Waypoint = X (Where it'll be appearing from off the map)

TaskForce = The Dropship Taskforce

Script = The Dropship script

AutoCreate = Check

Full = Check

Owner = Make sure it's the correct owner (More than likely GDI)


Now set the trigger.



Repeat = No

Disabled = No

Attatched Trigger = None



Elapsed time = (Whenever you want it to arrive, set to 0 if it's right at the start of the map)



Creat Reinforcements at waypoint = Select the dropship Team type, and the waypoint of where it'll be appearing from.


In-game, your dropship will arrive, drop off the loaded units, and then the dropship will leave the map.

You now have a sucsessful dropship trigger. This'll be useful for those who want to make some GDI single-player maps.

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