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Crismon Alert - my rules.ini mod & balancing for RA1


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Hi people!


Here is my rules.ini only mod for Red Alert 1 with its aftermath add-on.

My light mod main purpose is to re-balance the gameplay and remove the defect of the game.

Since I find the Allies ground units so far underpowered compared to the Soviet ones, some unbalanced prices or some units too weak for their expensive price...

Since I find the Skirmish games too quickly ends up with out of money/ore, some "ideas" absolutely moronic (the s***** back effect of the Allies Chronoshift that the Soviet don't have with their Iron Curtain)...

... decided to snooping the rules.ini files some years ago, when I only had the original non-patched RA1 installed on our Win98 SE computer (which still works) ^^

Since that time, I improved the number of stuff that can be changed and now I want to share with the community of RA1 players!

I also want to thank iran again for supporting this simple but fun old RTS, and without his updates/patches, I'ld never able to resume my mod in addition to play the game with a friend, an old RTS game fan too!





Requires: Red Alert (iran); works on the v1.16 WITH Aftermath enabled. I didn't test it but I think this mod can work on the old RA WITH Aftermath installed.

Download the .rar files below, drag and drop the files at RA main directory.



(2) NEW


*New Buildings*


- Fortress -

Description: a resistant, powerful, versatile defense spot but not very accurate; use it as outposts!

Cost: $2600

Side: allies

Prerequisite: Adv. Power Plant + Allied Tech Center

Size: 2x2

Weapon: missiles

Strengths: very large range, very powerful and powerful area-of-effect damages, tough, can shoot air units

Weaknesses: may easily miss fast units which can be dangerous if he goes inside your base, need power (disabled in low power supply), expensive


- Microwave Generator - NEW!

Description: the most ranged defense spot of the game; does gradually damages at any enemy (non-air) unit trespassing into its range of fire, so it is able to eliminate annoying stray enemy units in the area around your base! But do not count on it against massive strikes... and when you place it, it stays here definitely until someone destroy it!

Cost: $3200

Side: soviet

Prerequisite: Adv. Power Plant + Soviet Tech Center

Size: 2x1

Weapon: targeted heat wave

Strength: the largest range of the game by far

Weaknesses: damage only one enemy unit at once, need a large amount of power (disabled in low power supply), the most expensive defense structure, cannot be sold


- Nuclear Plant -

Description: usually built very late in a game and can damage around objects when destroyed, but provides the highest power supply so far, so you will be serene of running low power for a while; be careful to where you build it!

Cost: $4500

Side: soviet

Prerequisite: Soviet Tech Center + Missiles Silo

Size: 2x2

Strengths: provides way more power (15x Power Plant does, 3x Adv. PP does), quite tough, takes up little space, autorepair

Weaknesses: explodes when destroyed (don't hesitate to build it far away from your base, I set high Adjacent value for this), located at the farthest point of the tech tree (requires Missiles Silo), expensive


*New units*


- Stakhanov -

Description: is the soviet version of Tanya; uses long range sniper with explosive bullets and has some anti-air capabilities; actually this name come from a famous worker in the former Soviet Union who supposed to extract 14 times of coil quota in a day of work. (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexey_Stakhanov for details)

Cost: $1800

Side: soviet

Prerequisite: Soviet Tech Center

Type: human?

Weapons: Sniper with explosive and anti-air bullets

Strengths: long range and sight, powerful (can one-shot regular soldiers and weakest vehicles, high HP, moves fast, can shoot air units

Weaknesses: expensive, cannot be healed by Medics (yeah it's a bug but maybe... I'll keep this characteristic), low round of fire


- Dragon Ant -

Description: during the ant campaign, the soviets have managed to get DNA samples and developed in their side, this terrific biomechanical unit; breathes fire at close range, fires SCUD missiles otherwise.

Cost: $3200

Side: soviet

Prerequisite: Soviet Tech Center + Tesla Coil + Flame Turret

Type: biomechanical war gear

Weapons: flamer (when near the target), SCUD missile (far away from the target)

Strengths: large range, high potential of destruction

Weaknesses: mediocre accuracy on fast units, very expensive, can't counter air attacks


- Centaur Ant -

Description: during the ant campaign, the allies held some DNA samples and when they discovered the soviets were developing their own Ant war gear, they decided to make this

multipurpose biomechanical unit; fires missiles with fairly good range, uses rockets against humans and aircrafts

Cost: $3400

Side: allies

Prerequisite: Allied Tech Center + Pillbox + Gun Turret

Type: biomechanical war gear

Weapons: missiles (vs mechanical units and buildings), rockets (vs soldiers and aircrafts)

Strengths: very versatile (can face up to many situations), better accuracy than the Dragon Ant

Weaknesses: less powerful than the Dragon Ant, also very expensive





- tech tree changes; my tech tree is more step-by-step typed (= when you early build a unit production structure, you start with a very low amount of choice and you unlock the others one by one by building other structures; if you go straight to Tech Center, you may have a low diversity)

- the Gap Generator unlocks the Mobile Gap Gen., the Chronosphere unlocks the Chronotank, Iron Curtain the MAD Tank => so the AI players don't make units they cannot use properly anymore

- MVCs can undeploy, have the maximum sight and are a little more resistant but slower

- The Naval Transport can welcome up to 8 units

- Radar Dome unlocks Adv. Power Plant; produces 5 times more of power than regular PP, but are these times more expensive; I did this because I was annoyed to build dozens of AdvPP in order to have decent base defenses!

- units production structures (except aircraft pads) are way more expensive; my aim is: "the most expensive unit is cheaper than the structure he comes from" + to slow down technology development

- the infrantry is generally more resistant, very slightly more powerful and less expensive

- Parabombs now look like to true bombing strike: multiple badgers that are able to drop bombs in a medium area around the target

- Nuke Bomb is more expensive (ie the Missiles Silo), but much more powerful; don't worry it cannot blow away a full health Construction Yard

- besides, the other special weapons buildings became very expensive but more useful: iron curtain lasts longer, chronoshifted units are teleported back later + cargo soldiers are no longer killed

- I disabled this s*** called Vortex, who had 20% chance to appear when using Chronoshift! Now it's a distant memory...

- Crate bonuses tweaking: I disabled both trapped crate content (napalm, explosion) that were annoying during "crates quests of the last chance" and the Shroud regenerator (see below); Stats buffs (speed, armor, firepower) appears more frequently; the others bonuses got minor changes


- Weapon Factory unlocks Turret Gun which unlock Mobile Artillery

- Camo Pillbox is better differentiated from the regular one: fires bazooka rockets on vehicles (heavy machine gun on infantry), has sensors, huge sight and limited firepower on aircrafts; is unlocked by the Radar Dome

- Medium Tanks are now more useful than before (they are no more cannon fodder): main cannon makes (a bit) more damage, is equipped with light machine gun for better efficiency against the infantry, are fairly more resistant and have the auto-repair ability

- Chrono Tanks have better stats, are less expensive (I decided this since the teleport ability is very tedious for huge groups and the offensive potential so weak for a such high price)

- the Mobile Artillery is stronger/more powerful, but slower and a bit more expensive

- the APC can now load up to 4 infantries; while the Phase Transport has 6 slots

- they now own Chinook Copter as well, with 5 slots

- and some minor balancing on Light Tanks, Rangers (better sight, lower price): the Allies are no more this far underpowered!



- their units have 1 lower level of sight

- minor changes on original units stats

- removed Tanya (what the hell she's doing with the Soviet?)

- they have no more the Phase Transport too...

- added Medic... Soviet had caregivers right? ^^

- Fire Turret now unlocks Flamers





Codes: "B"= bugs regarding structures, "T" = vehicles, "I" = infantry, "C" = AI bugs, "O" = others + a two digits value


BI01 - Engineers are supposed to capture if the target structure is not full health (= less than 100%) but they still keep the original setting!

BI02 - Field Mechanics are strangely, the only to be not affected by the "small infantry" fix -COME FROM THE ORIGINAL RA-

BC01 - (almost critical!) The AI always target ALL Construction Yards for offensive strikes (not for counterattacks); when I say "ALL", I mean they crush a base CY and directly go to the next base CY! It's REALLY annoying because ALL bases quickly ended up having bases without CY! I don't know if this come from an update of iran RA but I didn't have this bug before a certain moment of my modding. -FIXED!- I discovered the AI players attack priority is following the element points reward; ie more the unit/structure gives points when destroyed, more the IA players would likely attack it

BC02 - The AI build Kennels but NEVER train dogs; it seems this bug appear as long we modify the rules.ini

BO01 - the Darkness crate bonus remains enabled at 0%, no matter what I do





-> (need help) Add icons for the new units/buildings; since I don't understand cannot handle mix files, I wish to have someone's help

-> Improves the Parabombs: I want the badgers to come from multiple directions of the map to optimize their strike

-> Get the Flame Turret attacks more realistic: set to a (weak) continuous fire

-> Makes the Infantry able to cross the rivers (slowly)... but this srew up their pathfinding - -" ABORTED

-> Add a new building for the Allies: the Versatile Feeder; that provide a fair amount of ore storage, power and has the ability to heal/repair nearby units


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UPDATED june-06-2013 to april-21-2014

- add a new defense building for the soviet: the Microwave Generator

- some AI improvements: I discovered the points given by a destroyed unit/structure influences the AI behavior and attack priority

- buildings cost tweaking: now production ones are fairly expensive but more resistant though

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