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GiftS returns with 2 SW maps!


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Hi Hi Commanders!

It's been a while since stopped making Tiberian Dawn maps for multiplayer just because someone suggested me to play DotA 2.... Anyways, I was (and still continue) checking the forums for news, for more information and of course for new maps.  :P


While I wasn't so active, I made 2 maps for SW:

(If you don't know what SW is, please click here)



Double Battle 2v2




Chemical Fight 2v2





[glow=red,2,300][sW] Double Battle[/glow]


This is a 2V2 map, the team members are connected and one of them defends one entrance and the another player, another... Along the path there is many Neutral structures to be captured which will help the team to achieve victory! In the middle of the map, there is located 2 Repair Bays that once captured, it will give the access to the Mammonth Tanks and they can be very contested since allowing the enemy to have it can purely defeat your team.


[glow=red,2,300][sW] Chemica Fight[/glow]


This is also a 2V2 map, it apparently has the same size as other maps, but it isn't... It is smaller as the is many cliffs just to make the map more appealing. This is an infantry-only map with 2 chinooks lading spots, 2 locked tiberium trees that can spread if you destroy the fences making the area unstable for infantry walking; and with a special feature that i was thinking about and was afraid of not working (and I'm still afraid) of having a building that "generates income"... If you look at the map preview, you'll see BIO labs in each player outpost. If an enemy manage to destroy your biolab, your income will be REDUCED BY 50%. This may force you to defend it at all costs.



The maps are already online in the "Pre-Cncnet5 lobby"

Hope you enjoy!  :)



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