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How to Defeat the Improved Easy AI(For Turtler Noobs)

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To win against the Easy AI in TDR. First of All get you base up and running and use that extra MCV along with the Con Yard System. And quickly take over the Chokepoints near your base (if any). For GDI and Task Force Talon use Advance Guard Towers, Guard Towers, and Firebases, for NOD and the BH use Turrets, SAMs, Obeliscks, Flame Turrets, and Laser SAMs and garrsion nearby structures(if any) to guard the choke points build walls to block the chokepoints to prevent flamethower,Chem Units, and Grenadiers from coming too close and and support those defenses with Air Units and Artillery to protect against enemy Arty and Air. Work up to get the ION Cannon or Temple of NOD and destroy the enemy Con Yards so they can't built any more structures, then after destroying their Con Yards, destroy the Airstrip/Weapons Factory to prevent the construction of vehicles(Disabling their ability to launch a effective counter-offensive. And then target their power plants to disable their defenses.Then build up a army and attack the crippled AI and destroy what is left.



Step by Step

1. Get base up and running

2. Take over chokepoints and fortify them.

3.Build units to support the defenses.

4.Hold off the enemy offenses and get generals points to unlock the airfield and Super Weapons.

5.Use your Superweapons and air units to Target Enemy Conyards.

6.Destroy enemy vehicle production structures and economic Structures

7. Destroy the Power Plants to disable their defenses.

8. Build up a small or medium sized force(depending on how much and what type of units the AI has left)

9. Attack the crippled AI and deliver the killing blow to the AI.

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