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Red Dawn mod mission: "To Kill a Doctor"

Guest Copper

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Guest Copper

Hi, this is the first mission I have ever released. It's for Allen262's Red Dawn 2013 mod, with Patch #1.


The "mode" is Classic C&C. The player is Nod. As the title suggests, it's mostly an assassination thing, but there's a bit more.

If you find yourself absolutely stuck because of bad choices, you've practically failed and need to try again.


Just unzip the file into your Red Dawn folder, and you can find the mission in the game in "Classic C&C & Custom Missions".


Hope you like it.


Edit: Updated with minor issue fixed (a  few more celltriggers at some point).


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Guest Copper

Works well. Not a fan of the repeat rush at the end.


Well, I did it just to give the player a sense of urgency when he or she commits him/herself to the final push. It's do or die at that point!


Edit: Also, it kinda makes sense... you are deep into GDI territory, and this is a big project of theirs. Shouldn't they rush to defend it at that point?


I'm glad you found it works well. Btw, the update I posted doesn't add much - don't bother giving the mission another test for it or something.

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