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Raickanku's Fan-Fiction/suggestion Screen Play Script For C&c5


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First a small introduction.


My name is Wicher, born 1995, I am from the Netherlands, attend university and I have experienced C&C since its dawn, tiberian dawn (not actual release ofc). I played it on the playstation at my uncles place since I was about 6 years old but I have seen them (twins) play it since before I can remember.

Sun was my favorite game for a long time, mainly because I was very young when I first saw a friend play it.

Wars is my favorite RTS.

Twilight... I haven't played twilight [insert awkward chuckle]. However, I have seen a lot(maybe all) footage of it.

I have read a lot of background, rewatched a lot of footage from Red alert 1, Tiberian dawn, sun, wars and Twilight. I also used a lot of information from the wikia.


I wrote this on my own from around 23:40 25th of May 2014 till 01:00 26th of May 2014, I got the entire idea around 23:30 25th of May 2014 while in the shower, got a test at 9:00... yeah.


To experience it to its fullest, get in the old school tiberian mood by listening to the tiberian dawn soundtracks and the tiberian sun menu music. I HIGHLY recommend listening to "I am - Times" since it reappears in the screenplay.


I hope you will enjoy it, leave a comment, tell me what you thought of it, I am looking forward to reading your comments. I am open to suggestions and critisism, as long as you can support it. I have more ideas for screenplay and story, but that'll need time, and I need sleep.

I am very proud of what I just created and since it still doesn't sound like shit I thought I'd share it.

Please do not steal it or use it without my knowing.




C&C 5 Tiberian Phoenix


MC=Main Character

Clarification: When the MC is in the play, the camera is his point of view.


Scene 1:

*Zoom in from outer space onto Earth, Eastern Europe, Bosnia, Sarajevo* (Some hovering ion canons and satellites)

June 21st 2117, 40 years after the last tiberian war…

*Overview of a thriving high-tech city with slums towards a craterous hill.*

Text appears: “Sarajevo, recently proclaimed blue zone”

*at the park, birds chattering, dogs barking, people chilling, MC is sitting on a bench*

MC: “Here Brutus” *Brutus is his young(but not puppy) dog, dog runs up to him.*

“Who’s a good boy?” *pets dogs head*

“Lets go home.” *puts dog on leash and starts walking*

*at a big intersection next to a bazar*

*Huge TV broadcasting the news* (Hosted by hot GDI chick from tiberian wars?)

*MC reads headlines*

Headlines: The [insert government organization] has decided to completely remove tiberium from the earth. They conclude that tiberium is an alien parasite and, even though contained, should be eradicated. They said “Tiberium was not made for mankind and thus mankind isn’t suited to use tiberium. It is inhumane and unnatural.” [insert posh/expensive name] has been assigned as head of the global operation.

MC comes home: *Unlocks door with hi-tech thingy* *Enters fancy apartment* *Throws stuff on a table above which hangs a big logo of the brotherhood of nod*


Scene 2:

Slums of Sarajevo, Temple’s edge:

*Music plays: I am – Times* *Lyrics: “Fire and riots are written on pages of life”*

*Mutants rioting, fighting civil police* *screaming and loud bangs*

*Beige coloured APC’s arrive and beige GDI soldiers step out*

*Soldiers take positions as civil police retreat through the soldiers*

*windows shattering and doors being kicked in*

*Black Hand soldiers with flamethrowers and rocket launchers come out of the buildings next to the GDI soldiers and overwhelm them.*

*Cheers and grunts as the last retreating apc is destroyed by a rocket*

*A Black Hand leader steps up on a still half burning apc and removes helmet, revealing a Twoface(batman) like face*

Black Hand leader(BHL): It is a shame that this is all that is left of the glory that we once were… But we shall never give in!!! Behind you lies our most sacred place, the ruins of our once glorious temple. Today the slums, tomorrow Sarajevo!!!

*Camera zooms out as the sound of a heavy engine intensifies, revealing a wolverine/APC vehicle rolling in the street next to the BHL*

*Camera goes back to the BHL and the other soldiers*

*Everyone including the BHL hears the engine and quickly scatters into the houses and alleys, leaving a burned out street behind. As the song “times” comes back to the foreground with the lyrics: “Oh and I, I live in destructible times”*


Scene 3:

*MC dries off his hair as he sinks down on the couch*

*Presses a button on the control panel inside his couch*

*Two big rods emerge from the ceiling*

*Holo-tv activates and forms between the two rods”

*News comes on, picture [insert posh/expensive name] appears top right*

News anchor: [insert posh/expensive name] has stated that they expect to complete the tiberium removal operation by the end of 2122. [insert posh/expensive name] claims: “This operation will restore harmony to the people and bring an end to the ideology of the few remaining NOD lunatics.” His statement about how this will affect the mutants is still unclear though rumours say that [insert posh/expensive name] sees the mutants as mistakes of nature and wishes to eradicate them along with tiberium.

*Flash forward to black*

Text(in the blackness): “5 years later…”

*Room changes to a slightly more technologically advanced one*

Text: “8 September 2122, Sarajevo”

*Sound of engines roaring, jets flying over and rocket bangs in the background*

*Holo-tv is on with the news* *Brutus lies curled up in front of the holo-tv*

News anchor: The estimated tiberium removal operation completion date has been delayed till March 2123. [insert posh/expensive name] claims that the mutants in Australia, East-Sahara and Siberia have caused a substantial amount of disorder by raids and riots to delay the operation.

*Doorbell rings* (or whatever the fuck high-tech equivalent)

*MC gets up and walks to the door*

*Face of BHL comes on the news*

News anchor fading to the background: Self-proclaimed Black Hand leader named Gilliam is still in hiding. Reports suggest his involvement in the mutant raids and riots.

*News anchor voice fades to a level at which you can’t hear what she’s saying.*

*MC opens the door*

*Straight standing person in a ragged hooded robe with right shoulder pointing toward MC and bowed head*

*Person turns to MC, head first yet not revealing the head or face*

*Person lifts head and holds his hood up but doesn’t remove it*

*Kane’s face revealed*

*Kane smirks*

Kane: May I come in?

*Screen fades to black with the middle(Kanes face fading last) and a big brotherhood of NOD logo appears as  “I am – Times” comes blasting with the line “Oh can’t you hold a candle in the wind and see that times are changing” as the line is finished with a bang the entire screen fades to black with the bang.

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I thought you guys might appreciate this since I think very highly of the old C&C and their view on the story.

And sorry to double post but the first post is identical to the one on the official C&C forums and I'd like to keep it that way.

Thank you for understanding.

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