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Tiberian Sun - My Personal Map Pack


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These are some very old maps I made like in 2004 or something. I just updated them a little bit like deleted their isomappack5 to make them smaller and remove the black terrain. I also gave them all free radar and removed any mod units they had. The Tiberium is changed back to normal colors and does not spread to keep it within the tib train track barriers. I'm hoping these changes make players slightly more comfortable playing on them in multiplayer.



Very small map inspired by the Unreal Tournament map Thorns.  Has a divider wall down the middle with three choke points.



Similar to Thorns but has a single choke point in the middle instead of three and then a two choke point divider behind that.



A map similar to BBG but without divider wall between allies and my own style of choke point.



Top vs bottom map with a choke point in the middle. Map is shaped like a X.



A map inspired by BBG but slightly larger.


Alpha Omega:

The bastard child map of the map pack I made. It's like BBG yet again but inverted. Now the Tiberium fields are towards the middle of the map allowing players to kill enemy harvs easier. Has modified harvesters that look like cargo trains.







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