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Should Partner With CNCOnline Rather Than XWIS

Guest Mechacaseal

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Guest Mechacaseal

I was thinknig about this earlier. How hilarious Olaf was to call cncnet a pirate site when xwis started out the same way cncnet did. xwis was around before WOL went down and they allowed you to play without support of EA. it was only in the fact that EA was tired of hosting that they gave him access to the materials that now makes him APPEAR "legit." and its hilarious he distributes RA2/Yuri offline skirmish for free even if it allows you to use your serial account online. Did he check with EA before doing so? Who cares right again EA gave him access to serials after running a server that didnt need serials. It's funny he waves those serials around to this day.


Anyway, XWIS and its serials is not needed especially since they overcharge for them and im sure he pockets the money. im sure EA loves that. I would much more prefer a focus on uniting all C&Cs new and old with support from I guess cnconline since they do that area. i play cnconline with multiple copies of legit games just like i do here. the others that dont need to be legit copies are afterall freeware.


anyway i just wanna say people who still continue to call this a pirate supporting site morons because quite frankly ra2 is the only not freeware game and you cant download it here unlike over at xwis. ea doesnt care about cnconline so they certainly wont care about cncnet with only currently 1 of their old still retail games supported. i see a .000001% chance ea would come after cncnet just like they wont go after cnconline.


but again id like to see some networking between cnconline and cncnet because i do play the newer games too.

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