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Can anyone help me?



Since this afternoon i can't play RA1 anymore...

The last time i played there was a fault in the game and the game stopped. (It said something about send the error to.......... or something)

Since this game i can open the game lobby. But the system gives errors and i cant see the online games. in text i read * :ERROR :Closing link: ..........

What can i do to play?

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Guest Mechacaseal

if i were you id try to fix it myself while waiting for help. restarting computer, reinstalling game, restarting router, even reinstalling windows if you dont have much on it.

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First try to log in to get to the main lobby, and once there type the




command into the chat - this should restore CnCNet 5 to its default settings and force an update.


If that doesn't help, redownload CnCNet RA or PortableRA (the latter comes with the CnCNet 5 client as well, besides being a full game with campaigns and music) and install it into a different directory than your old install (you can have multiple installs with no problem, as these RA1 distributions don't use the old Westwood registry settings - in fact AFAIK they don't use the registry at all, hence both being portable).


If a new install works fine, then make a backup of its INI files (the most important are 




, and 


). Then you can try to gradually copy over your old install's INI files to the new install (so that you don't have to reconfigure everything from scratch), one by one. Should it break again at some point, just restore the last INI file you copied from the backup you have made earlier.


Should the problem persist, try to recall what changes were made to your system about the time it started occuring. The OS reinstall suggested above is most likely quite a bit of an overkill (though should it really be necessary to get RA1 working again, you'd probably have much bigger problems than just RA1 not working).


(BTW, if error messages are shown, it's important to quote them verbatim when seeking help. Just saying "a message came up saying error something blah blah blah now help me lol" isn't a particularly effective way to do that.)



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