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Rise of the Reds 1.85 Released! Celebrating with a livestream!

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The wait is over. No longer will you have to idly sit by and watch as the beta testers en development staff show you all the new features.

Your burning desire to play Rise of the Reds version 1.85 has finally been extinguished.


But with that, a new desire should be burning in your soul: The desire to take the spotlight on stream and show off your skills to the public!

and if not, my friend the Shenlong will MAKE that desire burn. or perhaps even more.


Tonight at 18:00 GMT The Hunter will join me as we present the first official release stream of Rise of the Reds on my channel on Twitch


Tell your friends. Tell your family. tell your neighbors and the town fool to follow my channel as from this moment on Rise of the Reds public streams will be the majority of my channel's content.


I present the countdown


And hope to see all of them, and all of you then!


Download link to Rise of the Reds version 1.85

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