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Spawn1UK told me he changed name. I'm Banned. G-lined No Impersonation.


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Hi. I'm very sorry to bother you. Can you please help me?

I was banned from cncNet Tiberian Sun.


I had a simple conversation with some weird guy called : cncnetvet.


And he said I would be banned.  Mechacaseal changed nickname, so I used his nickname.


Spawn1UK told me he changed name. So I used Mechacaseal's name, temporarily.


Then I told cncnetvet, that I am not Mechacaseal. I took his name, because he changed it.


(In fact, I told everyone, that I am NOT Mechacaseal.)


But cncnetvet wouldn't believe me, and he kept on accusing me of being Mechacaseal, who is from USA,

over and over and over and over Again, he kept on accusing me of using a cheap London VPN.


He didn't believe me when I told him the truth : I am in London UK. I am NOT Mechacaseal.

Anyways. So he got me banned out of that. Can you please help me to unban me?

What can I do to unban please?


Thanks for your time. I'm sorry if this caused any problems.

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Guest Mechacaseal

I'm sorry to hear you were banned. Hope you get to play again soon. But from what I could tell  you were idlnig in the lobby for long periods of time. I know you were asking people about me for several weeks now and you have sent me countless repetitive messages about my youtube channel maknig videos you want to see from me. You are a true belieber.

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Hi. I got unbanned. Thanks.


I'm sorry I temporarily used your name. Spawn1UK told me you changed it.


Haha. Sorry. You were gone for about 6 months, with your videos, then came back. So I wanted to ask you to put your vids back up.


Sorry about that. Have a good day. yes I am a belieber of your vids. sorry

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