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Tiberian Sun to Red Alert 2 YR Maps


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Another clone topic I made in other simlar forums, going to have a hard time keeping track of these, but here ya go.


(In reference to a different topic i made there, i was trying to see if someone else made these maps or if they were interested in doing so....)


Well apparently this is a LOT easier then I thought it was going to be, and since no-one replied stating it was done before on my other topic when i was looking for others who did it or could, I attempted it on one of the smaller maps I enjoyed in Firestorm, Dueling Islands.


With the exception of a few minor tile errors, and two major cliff errors (took a bit of working to get it normal) I managed to set it up so it looks pretty good. The only real major change to the map is the non destructible cliff faces on the gem islands to the north and south of the two bases respectably, and the addition of 1 oil derrick at each base, and a bunker near the entrance ramp to the base. I'll prob attempt to do all the Tiberian Sun maps eventually, but next on my list is going to be Super Bridgehead Redux.


Let me know if there were any bugs I missed.


Download : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/125172067/Red%20Alert%202%20Maps/duel2015.rar


If you cant open the file, use WinRaR.


Super Bridgehead Redux was a bit more bug fixing, and I didn't fix all the shores perfectly yet as I didn't want to completely change the terrain and make it flat. Also, as i was adding random tree's I started prob going a tad overboard, until I remembered if this was lore friendly, this would be before the Tiberium Outbreak totally destroys most of nature, so I turned the entire map into what I felt was a entire forest and mountian range. Map prob still has some work to do, and some adjustments in detailing, but I think its looking alright so far.

Download : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/125172067/Red%20Alert%202%20Maps/super_Bhead_redux.rar


If you cant open the file, use WinRaR.

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Guest Mechacaseal

Should probably do the maps Terrace and Forest Fires since those are the most popular TS maps. Interesting to see this but I don't think Tiberian Sun or Red Alert 2 players will appreciate these maps since the community is so different.

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The next map Im currently working on is Limited Access, the one that had the "Tiberium Vein monster" in the middle, the monster of course is removed. Its looking alright so far, but I need to do the detailing for it yet. I'll look into Forest Fires and Terrace and see what I can do with them.


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DOWNLOAD LINK : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/125172067/Red%20Alert%202%20Maps/access2015.rar


So for this port, I decided to go with a jungle theme, as the way the terrain and city layout appeared in my head made me think of a small outskirts of a larger city near jungle's and mountains, maybe Brazil or something...


Anyway guys leave me some feedback on these maps weather ya like the ports.

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