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Hi everybody,

my name is doh (or doh1) i'm from Germany and i'm playing since late january this year. I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to make this game what it is: a perfect copy of the original Red Alert experience (even with a few improvements).

Speaking of small improvements, i have one thing in mind which would be welcomed by people who play 2v2, 3v3, etc. without taking away any of the authenticity of this game :

a Team Chat feature.

In a 3v3 on the map Arena Valley Extreme for example: there is no practicable option to coordinate an attack on one enemy except for using the all chat function which will result in giving the information of what you are going to do to your enemy as well.

The possibility to Team Chat would allow to coordinate such an attack without indirectly telling your enemies to defend said point.


So my questions are:

Is a Team Chat feature feasible?

How much effort would it take to implement it?

Is there anybody else who would like to see that?


doh  :)

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