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Renegade X: Open Beta 5 has been released!


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The new version will include:


• 6 new vehicles: Hover MRLS, Titan, Wolverine, TicTank, Recon Bike, and Buggy. These vehicles are only available in crates, and they are not purchasable. The vehicles are also available on our SDK.

• Improved auto-patcher for quick and easy game updates.

• New crates, including alien abduction, Time bomb, Speed upgrade, and more.

• Oodles of SDK upgrades and fixes.

• Configurable air-drop times for server hosts.

• Spies no longer show player names to enemies

• A destroyed Refinery now gives 1 credit per second to players, and a captured Silo gives 0.5 credits per second.

• Tier one characters (Officer, Rocket Soldier, McFarland, and Chem) are now purchasable and doubled in price when the Hand of Nod and Barracks are destroyed.

• Secondary weapon upgrades price changes.

• Map fixes and changes.

• Tons of balance changes and fixes!


You can find the full changelist here!


Source: http://renegade-x.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=75348

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