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Godfathers Mod V 0.01


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TESLA TANK: speed is faster, can attack move, range is same as rhino, build delay removed, faster rate of fire like Ra2.


CUBA TERRORIST: Damage is 2.5x stronger and build time has be Increased. 2 terrorist take out MCV


DEMOTRUCK: Faster speed same as grizzly tank, damage is 25% stronger. Radiation of DEMOTUCK last longer.


IRAQ: desolater is secondary weapon reduced radiation by 20%, rate of fire slowed down only when deployed.


APOC TANK: shoots while moving.




America (U.S): None


GB: None


TANK DESTROYER: Range is the same as rhino Tank.


GRAND CANNON: France has same range as Siege Chopper(less Range then before), Only 2 Cannons can be built on map.


BLACK EAGLE: Jets have bit more speed, and have more armor same as RA2


HARRIER: has a bit more armor and more speed like RA 2


PATRIOT missile: damage Reduced, rate of fire faster, matches aegis Cruiser Ship, cost is now 1200 form 1000


YURI Magnatron: can't not attack move, range the same as prism tank, cost is 1750, requires TECH LAB YURI


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