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Different ddraw.dll , make a backup also


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Yuri revenge in 32bit mode and windowed too. Use the file below also make a backup of old one(if hav). Also try increasing the resolution


Extract and put the ddraw.dll in the game directory. On first run it will create a ddraw.ini file


I will update this as much as i can.


Update 1:

I fixed the resolution:

Open ddraw.ini file after its created and modify:

bpp=32 - not sure wat this does but it increased my fps on cncnet on 32

windowed=false -turning this to true will render a weird window

maxfps=-1 -optional set how you want

mhack=false - setting this to true make the mouse invisible for me

renderer=gdi -  do not set this to opengl or you get a black screen

singlecpu=true - according to ddraw.ini wich says that had impact on performace i dont think its true but you could play with this and see if it good for you or not.


Also you should note that every video will not render properly. Use this ddraw and see if its improving the performance also i recommend for peoples wich hav windows 10 to use this thanks to the renderer=gdi command wich maybe will fix the black screen.



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