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Testing Tiberian Sun Singleplayer Beta on Mac



Hello, hello. Out of curiosity I was intrigued to try the old C&C games that I haven't played since I was a kid and it was nice to know they were freeware, and that they have some ports here and there.


Tiberian Sun was the one I thought looked really cool as a kid so that's the one I wanted to try again. The singleplayer beta here is only for Windows, though. But I figured, I've made some successful wrappers of other games with Wineskin and decided to try the same thing here. At first the game was really slow with scrolling but with some trial and error I figured out how to run the game at proper speed.


- Set Mac Driver to Mac, both in Screen Options and Winetricks.

- Set ddraw renderer to GDI in Winetricks.

- In the config utility (winecfg), go to library, add "ddraw" (no quotation marks), edit to "(native, builtin)" if it's not already set.

- In the Tiberian Sun launcher, go to options and choose TS-DDraw under the Rendering Options.


So far so good. The game runs smoothly, mostly... but it crashes randomly, and that's the part I'm trying to overcome and hope I can get some help on.


So why did I do this? There are some ports to get of Tiberian Sun via the Porting Kit or in the Winetricks list of games on Wineskin, but the former only supported very low resolutions while the latter gave me an error I couldn't find a way out of. I guess that nothing stops me from playing ported versions of Tiberian Sun that already exist but like I said, older versions without lower resolutions.


So, any tips or ideas on how this can be fixed? I'm no expert but I feel like I've gotten so close to get the TS singleplayer beta from this site to work on Mac, with crashes being the only obstacles. If any of you guys know anything I'd like hearing about it. I haven't really tried the multiplayer-only version for comparison properly because, well, I haven't played C&C in almost 20 years now and would just lose, just so you know.


Looking forward to your advice! And if you have questions I'll do my best to answer them.

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