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Has anyone ever felt sorry enough for a newbie to...


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LET THE GAME GO ON SUBSTANTIALLY LONGER THAN IT SHOULD???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to do that sometimes, and if it went on like 30 minutes or so, I'd start feeling bad that I wasted 27 minutes of my day afterward, and it'd bring about a bout of depression, and really kill my momentum for the rest of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*( But maybe I was letting the games go on for too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*( Maybe 10 minutes is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*D Maybe it'll help you hold back on your quick rushes if you put HEAVY EMPHASIS on the DON'T LET ME RUSH YOU PLEASE part of this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*D




And by the way, I wonder if that building they're playing in front of is a Red Alert 1 soviet power plant?????????!!!!!!!!! It does look like one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*D

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