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new mini mission (red alert 1)


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Hello I made a new mission for RA1 (attachment below) and I want you to test it and tell me your opinion

The objectives are those (1) Destroy the flame towers in the west ,by getting your spy in the soviet tech center, so reinforcements can arrive (2) Establish your base (3) Destroy all soviet units and structures (4) Keep Tanya alive.

You are given one artillery ,Tanya and a spy. There is a problem with opponent units and when you first attack a building they all start hunting you ,also I'm having trouble with auto-create triggers (if you can fix it please let me know). (note*/ I couldn't place it in the custom missions so you have to play it in skirmish/with : bases off, unit count 0,aftermath off , mcv undeploy off, slow unit build on)

I hope you like it  :D  :redalert::tibsun:


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