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It doesnt work :( ***blackscreen, windows 7, ati, campaign beta***



so i just installed the beta (20/MAR/2016) and tried to fire it up.




so i fiddle with the settings, i change to various different options, nothing works as it should.


sometimes i get "Main executable has stopped working"


Sometimes Game.exe says :the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005) Click OK to close the application (this was with DxWND)


With DDwrapper, 800x600, windowed mode, graphics patch, no video memory, and fake vsync i can get it to "run" but the graphics are all over the place, it only shows purple outlines of things and it is stuck running in the top left hand corner.


Turning off Fake vsync doesnt seem to change things


Turning off fake Vsync and no video memory makes it run in a window, but doesnt want to start a campaign (I can select tiberian sun, but the start new campaign window doesnt show up)


turning fake Vsync on, but no video memory off still doesnt make much difference.


turning all off and just running DDWraper gives fullscreen blank screen, but i can hear the menus as i mouse over.


Likewise, just turning on the graphics patch without running in windowed mode means i cant see anything at all.



Any Ideas?





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