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Red Alert - Volcano II v1.1 (2-8)


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Right, Here are some small suggestions.


- Add more tree's for extra detailing.

- Make The Ore and Gems look a little less blocky, by placing 1x1 pieces or Ore / Gems around them randomly.


Well, you know what I mean. :P

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@ Aro


play my other maps, there is ore and gems which are looking less blocky. this one for example:



well i know what to do to create maps. if u play red alert on kali.net with more than 20 players every day u will see what kind of maps are actually. which designs are set, how the ore and gems are set and so on... i will show u an example of one of the most popular maps on kali:








This map is called HJK6 (2v2). Only gems and i can tell u, u need lots of ore and/or gems on a map if u want to play professional against other players on Internet or LAN. But i gonna tell you also, that im only playing red alert for [i:pzixgos0]just for fun[/i:pzixgos0] !! Thats why less ore and gems are included on Volcano II. lol

And there are other kinds of maps, maps with "unlimited" ore, like my map Oilfields.

Ull find it here:




And sure... about the trees. trees will slow-down the game speed during Internet play or LAN play, especially on big maps like Volcano II. U cannot setup a bigger map than 126x126 fields. Trees are not really needed on Volcano II.


But thank you for your advice.

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I Understand what you're saying, but alot of people don't actually use some of these maps for online play. What I'm saying is that If you believe making it look more detailed slows it down during online play, then make two seprate ones, one for online play and another for Skirmish's. Excellent job non-the-less.

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