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Over the months, I've had a lot of new mappers adding me on MSN and even Myspace asking me for help and tips on some of the simplest things ever. Because a lot of the things can be fixed and done really easily and I'm tired of having to repeat myself over and over again, I've put together this new Tips index, which contains a lot more useful tips and help (there are also some older tips written by TitanMarkII). I guarantee that most of the mappers on here already know everything that I've added to the Tips index, because they are simple things, as stated above. These new tips are mainly for the newer mappers, and now, whenever I get the pesky little kid who adds me on Myspace or MSN asking me about mapping, I'll just direct them to this topic. If you feel there are some tips that'd be good to add, do let me know and I'll put them in. To get these working in FinalSun, just drag and drop the file into your FinalSun folder.


You can download these new FinalSun Tips Here.


- Aro

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