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Tiberian Sun Foundations (TS)


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This isn't exactly a tutorial but it is useful information to all TS modders, especially those whom are new to the scene.

Tiberian Sun doesn't allow you to create any foundation that you please to fit your new building/object, it has a select few that you have to chose from, some buildings such as Tiberium Refineries have to have a specific foundation in order to function properly, the same applies for structures like war factories*.


The foundations TS allows are: 0x0 6x4 3x4 4x4 5x3 2x5 2x6 1x5 1x4 4x3 3x1 1x3 3x3Refinery 4x2 3x5 3x3 3x2 2x3 2x2 1x2 2x1 1x1


*War factories can be of any foundation, but it is recommended to use 4x3 as graphical errors can occur while the unit is leaving the structure.

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