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Red Alert - BackYard's Goodies v1.0 Mappack


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If u like to play this map via the Internet lobby of Red Alert be sure to apply the patchfix. Get the patchfix here:


>> patch the "ra95.dat"


byrv12tu6.png best on 1v1

byx8rv12ck4.png best with 4 players

bysrv12nd8.png up to 8 players



These are crate maps. Set the money off, set the crates on before u start the game. Sell your CY at the beginning of the game and search for crates with your troops. U have some goodies at the beginning of the game. hf :D


Maps made by N3tRunn3r









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These are actually very good idea's. They lack detail, muchly, but they're great for online play! Nice work. :P

Also, I Deleted the topics with these maps released one by one. It's much better off as a map-pack, and saves forum space. :mrgreen:

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