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Community Mod Roundup


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It seems I'm seriously busy recently. My social life eating up most of my free time, helping Strike-Team with the QM Patch, Twisted Insurrection and of course my recent hiring as a Moderator and promoter of the CNCGuild, not to mention all the things I do for PPM, but as always, I'm still doing what I can for this community whenever I get the chance.



PPM Mod Updates:



- Gangster has announced the rebirth of his mod Tiberian Sun: ReWire over at the Sandbox forums. There is no Mod called Sandbox, but the forum is home to many of Gangster's projects such as TS:ReWire and Red Alert II. Anyhow, ReWire is a total conversion mod turning Yuri's Revenge into Tiberian Sun with stunning graphics, so far it looks very promising with some excellent models made by both Gangster and DonutArnold.





- Reaperrr has anounced that he has decided to work on Return of the Dawn 2.8 again for the time being.



- I (Aro) have posted many new terrain images in the Twisted Insurrection forums. These new terrain pieces are remakes of old Twisted Insurrection terrain and a few before-and-after shots comparing TI's terrain to the Tiberian Sun terrain. Check it out in this thread.




I have also posted a thread asking you, the public to vote for what you'd like to see as Twisted Insurrection's third theater. Go to this thread to cast your vote and give an opinion.



- The Dawn of the Tiberium Age had a recent release (as previously posted here) which means more screenshots and media are popping up for people to view. Bittah Commander has announced progress on a new DTA patch which should be posted public some time soon, keep your eyes open.





- DaFool has posted some progress on the Red Alert 2 Allies for Invasion Confirmed, the Generals mod that features every Red Alert faction in history! Check out the Red Alert 2 Allies thread here. Hopefully we'll be seeing the rocketeers fully functioning soon.





CNCGuild Mod Updates:



- SSTG has posted some updates over at the Dark Rising forums. This RA2 enhancement mod looks interesting and I'd suggest giving it a look at if you're interested in mods such as AG:SA.





- Allied General has posted some new Media and Miscellaneous Information for his semi-total conversion mod, AG:SA (Allied General's: Shattered Alliance). The new media features new voxels used in the mod along with new GUI made by myself, Starkku, OmegaBolt and others. Be sure to check out it, it's a blast online!





- Some old news not necessarily related to a mod. Mig Eater posted lots of new voxels up for download over at the CnCGuild's Voxels and SHP's section. Be sure to check them out, these high quality voxels can spice up the graphics of any mod.





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