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RA2/YR Mapping Competition: Cartographer's Call II


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I'm organizing another mapping contest for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge called Cartographers Call Competition II (Obviously following after the original Cartographers Call Competition). This is entirely different from any Open Map Competition, especially by its rules.


First of all, only skirmish maps made from scratch and never revealed anywhere are accepted and terrain expansion maps are NOT allowed. The maps will be reviewed by 3 judges (Aro, Ixith, Dudeinabox). Mappers may only submit one map. Rules are the same as they were in the previous competition. For additional Information on the rules, judging and prizes go to this thread.


This contest does not have any symmetry restriction, which means that you may submit tournament looking maps. Each map can be rated up to 100 points, where they'll be distributed in the following way:


20 points for Detail

20 points for Layout

20 points for Lighting

20 points for Game play

20 points for Triggers.


You have until the 15th of Februrary to submit your map. Good luck and for more details, check the rules of the contest.


Please post comments in the competition thread!

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