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Issue with another player using name


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I've been trying to locate an Admin on the server channel now for about a week to address this.  You'll have to excuse me if this sounds petty, just getting more annoying then anything else.  A couple of weeks ago I played some moron online has quite a few handles according to the list when I click his name (noobZgalore, DoogieHause, SurpY to name a few I recognize).  Not sure fully how the system works, but I assume it locks the various handles people have used in the past to the IP they tend to log in from.  But in any event after I played this moron.. Somehow I upset him.. And he has pretty much for the last week or so been determined to use my Handle, or something close to it to play games and literally piss people off. 


As I type this at 0045 PST June, 25, 2016 he is currently logged into the system under the Handle SpiderHam77, and posted as away for the last few hours.. In other words camping the name, One that I have been using on this server for close to 1 to 1.5 years now since I found this game of my youth again.


Now I wouldn't care if he did 1 time.. Whatever.. But this has been going on for a couple of weeks now.  And he logs in.. Plays some games.. Pisses people off.. Then I start getting complaints from people.. Or being ejected from games I try to join, told I did this or that in a previous game and they don't want to play with me anymore.


I've enjoyed this game for sometime now.  Have met some really decent people in the game.  Some of them who I've had some great discussions with in the various chat channels etc...


I'm pretty much at a loss as to how to address this any further.. I've tried talking to the guy, asking him to stop.. So have a few other users.. But he simply seems determined to be a Moron.  Not sure if it's possible to password my handle or anything.. 


Apologize if this sounds fairly petty.. Just driving me nuts more then anything else.. I live in Canada, and his flag thing (which I assume is also tracked by IP) is saying he's from the USA.. So a few of the regulars I play know it's not me, and even have messaged me asking what's up with the imposter.. 


Thanks for any help or assistance or guidance you can provide in this.

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good luck getting admins to ban someone ghosting a name or clan. i asked 3 admins to kick a fake ORA and they said: 1) CNCNET doesnt have any clans and 2) they didn't have ability to ban...but then 2 out of 3 of them banned me. one for 1 min and one for multiple hours. then rossi says if i speak his name in chat he will ban me...then i get 30 day ban...silly juveniles

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