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Villainess in Distress Nod Mission Bug


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I don't know if this happened in the original TS since I never played the Nod campaign even when I owned the CDs a long time ago.


In any case, when I'm on this mission, the mission says to go down south and gather with the reinforcements after Slavick's rescued.  If you ignore the map ping that happens shortly after it says that new terrain is revealed, you can continue going south to the SW base.


When you're there you can hijack the MCV and the supply depot with your engineers, and then sell your vehicles to have just enough money to build a power plant and refinery.  From there, you can actually build up an entire army to wipe GDI off the map. 


However, the mission won't progress because you have to rescue Oxanna.  You should be able to rescue her from the SW base because an "Oxanna" unit is down there, but even if you move your cyborg commando or Slavick next to her, she won't activate.  The troop transport to the east won't activate either even if you put units in it. 


You can even go back up to the NE base where she would otherwise be, and alarms will go off, but she won't be there.  A train is supposed to carry her away if you get caught, but it never shows up.  It actually remains stuck in the SE corner of the map, and you can blow it up down there.


Even after all this though, neither Oxanna or the transport will activate. 

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