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Yuri's Revenge Internal Error only with CNCnet.





I played Yuri's revenge with CnCnet client for the past year or something and didn't had any problems running. Yesterday, at a friends house, we started the game just like normal only with the message that a friend had not the original files and could be cheating (he wasn't :)). We restarted everything and that was fixed. But when we launched the game i got the famous error 'Yuri's Revenge has encourred an internal error and is unable to continue normally'.


So far nothing really strange, I tried reinstalling and changing compatibility version and the main game works, I can play missions, I can play skirmish but when I launch the game with CnCNet launcher i get this error.


I have the Origin version of the game on Windows 10. I have no Virus Scanner. Did a clean install, (i dont known if CnCnet leaves anything behind in the register.) and tried all the fixes I could on the internet but nothing seems to fix my problem.


So a long story short, my game always worked and since yesterday it doesn't. Only if i start with the CnCNet client.


I hope someone is able the help me


Thanks, eL_MoJo



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