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A question or two about a mod & CnCNet support


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I am unsure if this is the best place to ask about this but I'll just go ahead with it anyway.


Basically, my Yuri's Revenge mod runs the game client that supports CnCNet 5 but it is not and likely won't be part of the 'official' list of supported games in the main codebase of the client - thus it won't be possible to access the mod's channel from the other clients (YR, DTA, TI etc), and currently the inverse is not possible either, for reasons of consistency.


My questions are as follows:


1. Because of the aforementioned limitation, is there any possibility or even a reason for my mod to be listed on supported games on CnCNet website and added to the player count tracker?


2. For similar reasons, keeping in mind that it still uses the tunneling servers from the list hosted by CnCNet, should the matchmaking channels be named in same pattern as others (starting with #cncnet), or something that's separate to distinguish from the 'officially supported games'. If former, should they be registered by a CnCNet staff member as per GameSurge network's guidelines or would a staff member of the game mod in question be sufficient. Again, if former, I would like for someone to contact me about that matter.


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