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So I am cheating now? + Game crashing on Skirmish


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Few days ago I installed a mod which gives more units to the game and played the singleplayer missions, I completely wiped the game and reinstalled it as I installed it before

Installed CNC and it updated to 0.28, I tried playing Skirmish to confirm that it works but I got "Yuri's revenge has encountered an error" Ok, so I had a nice game of multiplayer and just ended the day.


Few mins ago I installed the 0.29 update that was released today and now whenever I go to a lobby it tells this at the chat:




This message didn't appear for my yesterday and now people kick me from the lobbies, nevertheless I still cannot even play skirmish unless I manually open the .exe and play from there but the menu is slow af for some reason.


Would be glad to receive some help, especially with the Skirmish.

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