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[OpenRA] RA Global League, Season 3!


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All replays for the league are uploaded to Jazz_KCS' file server. File server status thread. The tables are updated shortly after the end of each round.


Also see: Season 3, The Rulebook and Public Registration (closed for Season 3)





Live updated Fixtures and Results, Season 3


Masters' Division


Minions' Division


Recruit Division Alpha


Recruit Division Beta






Post-Season Feedback and Discussion thread for Season 2



All inquiries and official league business are conducted through [email protected], currently mananged by Jazz_KCS and SoScared.

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Back with the topic to CnCNet after a less successful earlier probe with https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=5582.0 about a year ago.


The RAGL has grown significantly since, with full divisions and over $800 worth of prize money for Season 2 alone. This season represents OpenRA's most dedicated players, scaled in skill level across 4 divisions with the upper two divisions looking scary good after a few seasons of promotions and relegations.


All matches are easily accessible through our file server at http://64h.mine.nu:5534/mIRROR/ora_replays/ to which if you've installed OpenRA, the replay file will launch the client automatically!


The RA Global League runs two event each year, one in spring and one in the fall. Beyond Season 3 (this spring) the competitive event is looking to promote itself thoroughly now that the format is stabilizing and has proven it will run smooth regardless of the number of participants and overall scope of the league setup.


To get a glimpse of what some of these high competitive matches look like, look no further than the RA Global League's two-times Champion FiveAces' own YouTube shoutcast channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CovertFlobert


We're looking to raise awareness of this competition and will welcome any discussion, feedback and criticism from the CnCNet community which above all else value the core of what represents Command & Conquer.

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