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Player name cant be changed and very strange bugs occure



Like the title says i cant change that number which is the start name. backspace and markin the text simply doesnt work. i can add characters but dont delete any...

even after a complete new install of the game the same bug occurs


but the very strangest thing was with my first install. after a few tryouts i actually got my name changed and was able 2 enter cncnet. but whenever i entered a game (host and joined) it didnt start that game, but a 1on1 game vs a bot while the other player entered the game normally. in my case it even reworked my name for that game (no change of name in the options)


i am using the free origin game btw

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after several reinstalls it seems to be a problem with the update of cncnet. preupdate i can change the name without any problems, it doesnt even have the number set as name. right after the update the number is there and cant be deleted like explained above...

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