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Burning Fest '17 by Lev-Lion - VGsatomi


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Welcome comrades redalerters! I am new in this forum and want to present new revised version of Burning Fest (BF) meat map that was created by VGsatomi in 2003. The package includes 12 revised version of BF (6 day and 6 night versions). As some who have played in the original BF could remember that there are 2 enemy countries - USA and USSR. I also added Yuri country in some maps.

Revision of the original BF '03:

- you can play for the one of 2 countries presented in the map.

- the forces you can control are limited to 2 special units - apocalypse tank (Boris of Tanya) + Night Hawk transport helicopter. Also you control paratroops.

- you can control all given defense structures

- you need to make your uncontrolled army upgraded in order to win the epic battle

- you can not repair or sell your base structures

- the main aim - to destroy the Kremlin or White House


In my versions of this exciting map many changes happened to make the game much more interesting and harder. I will take too much time to talk about all changes I've made but the main are:

- each Army uses only its own technologies (no changes in unit teams)

- Tanya, Boris and Yuri are using their own tanks (prism tank, apoc tank and master mind)

- I expanded the player opportunities to make bigger assisting forces

- In some maps I have returned the hidden Howitzer unit for Allies and something new to Russians

- now you can repair your structures (except tech ones) but can not sell them

- an enemy also makes upgrades, however it depends on yours ones


Unfortunately there are some problems:

- you need to make elite vehicle upgrade first than elite infantry, otherwise you may lose permanently the first one

- some times some units may stop and interfere your uncontrolled army. This usually results the game slower speed and the "rush hours" that prevent you to play further. Do not shy to kill them by your assistants. They are REAL traitor dogs! 


I don't want to stop on 2 side game and planning to create 3 side meat battle. So new ideas for the future are welcomed.

I hope you will enjoy the game.


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2 hours ago, Guest G.Player said:

Did you make initiates selectable? Original map had a bug like that.

Initiates are not selectable. This is not a bug. The reason for that is simple - there are not enough infantry units in the game to fight well with armored vehicles. Youri's army does not uses paratroops (in opposite USA has 2 paratroops).

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