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(BR) Cold War, 1vs2. Winning is the only option.


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How it works:

Hello everyone, this feature I am about to show you is something new, you all can do if you got time and want to make some fun out of the games.

BR stands for Battle Report. It means your going to say in a story how your last battle went, good or bad, hard or easy, etc ...

I only used Red Alert II, ImageShack to upload my pics, and the button Print Screen to take the pictures. Now lets go on to the (BR)





It is Winter in the USA and in most parts of the world, its freezing cold. It has been 2 months sins the last real offensive of the sovjets. Until that date, the way of war has changed dramatically, small raids happen across the USA country and borders, territory got lost, and fallen in the hands of the Communists. The Allied where not prepared for this type of attacks, so they to had to change there way of fighting. While Russia troops are busy fighting of the German, English and French Forces the Allied attack from Alaska, and launch a full scale assault to the Russian motherland. And it does not take long for the enemy to be in sight, a small scouting forces detects the enemy base. The allied deploy and so the battle has begone.



Story Teller: The Terrain is covered with lots of snow, the weather is -10 Fahrenheit, GI troops have to get special clothes on to stand against the aggressive cold. Now about our commander, Walton has been fighting off commies in Texas for most of the time, as they are there pushing really hard. Walton had a series of victories and defeats, lost some of his best specialists, but still kept fighting on with what he could control and command. But suddenly out of nowhere a GI trooper comes running in and seeks cover.

GI Trooper: I am searching for Capt. Walton, I have a important message for him!

GI Rodger: You came in a bad time we are just fighting of a little assault of conscripts and terror drones. We also need to get the civilians back to safety. So I really don't think you should ask to talk with him now, he is busy.

GI Trooper: This message comes directly from the White House, I need to speak to him now!

GI Rodger: (swallows, looks with open eyes. Oh, well in that case! Walk 46 feet to the other side, north of here, use the loop holes for cover.


"After some running, diving, to avoid bullets and terror drones, GI Trooper has made it to Capt. Walton."


GI Trooper: Walton I have a important message for you from the White House. The President wants you to meet him.

Walton: Hmm this is in bad timing, but I cannot refuse or deny the President, I will come with you right away. Mike!

Mike: Yes sir!

Walton: You take over command of this out post and make sure no commies get through!

Mike: I will do that SIR! Can't wait for you to get back, you inspire the men to fight brave.

Walton: Save those comments for your wife, sergeant.

Mike: Oh yeah sorry!


"Back at the HQ Walton flies with a Helicopter to Washington DC, the capital of the USA and most important spot to defend against the Sovjets and other enemy forces."


Story Teller: While the helicopter with Walton in it is flying some 40 minutes the pilot gets a incoming message.

President Macon: Pilot, from my sources Walton is with you ?

Pilot: Yes I am transporting him to you now as we speak.

President Macon: I want you to cancel that order, instead I want you to fly him to Alaska main military base, Anchorage. And let me talk to him now.

Pilot: Will be done president.


"The Pilot gives Walton an extra device to get in contact with the president of the USA."


Walton: Its an honour sir, but I toughed I had to come to Washington DC ?

President Macon: Plans have changed. I will debrief you on what your new and most important mission is of all time. This will cause a major blow to the Sovjets or major defeat to us if we do it wrong. I could think of no better man for the job then you, Capt. Walton. I am also promoting you now to General!

Walton: I am ... speechless! All my efforts, I serve my country the best way I can or am possible! I thank you very much and I will not let you or the USA down.

President Macon: That is your reward thanks to your services so far to our country. Now I want you to go to Alaska, a good amount of our forces will be already there in the field. This is top secret, nobody but you me and the chief of staff know about this. We are going to launch a full scale assault on the Sovjet Union, and I want you to lead the invasion force.

Walton: I get it, but is this a really smart thing to do ? It could go terribly wrong ,and with that we could lose alot of our forces to what end ?

President Macon: Let me worry about that, just do you job command, you inspire confidence in the troops, so I am sure we will get victory!

Walton: Alright, I will lead them into the motherland of the commies and crush all enemies on our path.

President Macon: Good, you need to cross the sea fast and get on shore and deploy your forces as soon enemy base or out posts are in sight, do this until you have taken alot of terrain. Take out key structure to slow them down of reaching the parts that are under attack from us.

Walton: President do no worry I can handle this.


"And with those words Walton set fort to go to Alaska, rally the troops under his command now and set out to crush Russia from the back."


Story Teller: After crossing half the USA with the helicopter and landing down in Anchorage. Walton demanded everyone to come to the main squire. He was about to give a speech ...


"20 minutes latter all military personal was idle ready to listen to Walton his words."


Continue Reading ...


I took out a part to make it exiting to read the next part on a other page. Took me long to write but I really hope its not a waste of reading, I think its worth a read and might be fun to read for fellow C&C fans.:D

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